• WuWu Bistro Vodka Bar

    It is a place created for connoisseurs of Polish flavours and beverages, with a passion for rituals, tradition and history.

    We bring together creative, ambitious people who think outside the box – not only in the kitchen but also in day-to-day life.


Every day, we take our guests on a journey inspired by the tastes of pre-war Warsaw salons. WuWu is certainly a place to go back to. You can learn this by yourself by trying out our culinary variations on products you know from your childhood and which are related to the history and culture of our region.


The quality and origin of the product are crucial for us. We smoke meat, bake breads, make cheeses, kefir, pickles, vinegars, brews, infusions and even liqueurs. We cooperate with suppliers who do not use plastic and our corporate materials are always environment-friendly.

WuWu Bistro

Centrum Praskie Koneser
Plac Konesera 1,
03-736, Warsaw